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Honey Lemon

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Lemon honey in glass jar of 500 gr, characterized by its light color and soft yet sabot acid caused by the nectar from the flowers of lemon.

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The lemon honey comes from nectar collected Ruchey for our happy bees lemon flower . It is characterized by a pale yellow color, having a sweet taste in our mouth but with lighter shades from lemon acids . Generally it is a fine and very liquid product , but is sometimes crystallized in winter with low temperatures, to return natural lemon honey to its liquid state by simply heating the honey a little microwave or heat the jar crital honey to the bathroom maria , the state change does not affect the properties of honey being a 100% natural product .
Natural Honey Lemon is high in nutrients and is very beneficial to health , among its features can include:

  • Help protect our body , thanks to oligosaccharides containing improves our bacterial flora and improves digestive health and the immune system , which helps to prevent disease.
  • Relieves discomfort of the throat naturally calm coughs and fever reducer .
  • Calamantes has slightly sedative effect , so it is ideal for sleep and rest.
  • About our mouth also has beneficial effects and helps protect oral irritations and inflammations

Format: lemon honey in glass jar of 500 gr


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