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Ruchey Gintonic Pack

At Ruchey we are in luck. And so we want to offer our customers more select Ruchey Gintonic pack, a gift of quality and good taste with which to give our dear ones.

The star product of the Ruchey Gintonic pack is our Gin Ruchey, a handcrafted gin, in the purest London style, with a final loquat aftertaste. The fruity flavor, enlivened with aromatic herbs and spices, perfectly combines with the dryness of the gin. For this reason, Gin Ruchey is a drink of exceptional quality.

The special combination of the Gin Ruchey with the fruit in syrup will provoke in the palate an exquisite mixture of flavors that will not leave you indifferent.

Our Ruchey Gintonic pack consists of the following products:

1 box Ruchey of Geneva of Níspero, with a special commemorative cup Ruchey
1 gourmet loquat of Nísperos in Syrup


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