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Loquats in syrup mistela

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For our customers who prefer the presentation of gourmet food or if the occasion requires it, we have loquats in syrup with mistela in new containers of 620 grams.

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Loquats in syrup with mistela

For those who are passionate about medlars, and want to enjoy its flavor all year round, Ruchey has packed in syrup this succulent fruit, maintaining all the original sweet-sour taste, as well as its properties and nutrients.

The medlar syrups with mistela that we elaborate of artisan way in Ruchey come from our cooperative of Callosa d'en Sarriá, where we have selected the best specimens for their perfect preservation in syrup. The medlars have been collected with all the care that in Ruchey we put to our products, following the strictest quality controls. The result is a natural preserve of exceptional category, with colorful fruits and without defects, that can be consumed at any time of year.

Medlar in syrup with misterla are perfect for tasting alone or accompanying tasty desserts.


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