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Pack formed by two units of loquat honey, lemon and orange blossom

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Pack Ruchey Honey. Honey of Níspero, orange and lemon.

For honey lovers, in Ruchey we present the Ruchey Honey pack, with which you can delight in the different types of honey that we elaborate, namely: loquat honey, orange honey, and lemon honey.

Like all products we sell, our honeys are 100% natural, without additives. They have not undergone pasteurization processes and have not been adulterated. Therefore, its quality is excellent.

The three types of honey that make up the pack Ruchey Honey come from the nectar of the flowers of the trees that, with mime and tenacity, we grow in our cooperative.

The characteristic sweetness of the honey contrasts with the fruity and sometimes slightly acidic flavor provided by the lemon, orange and loquat. You will enjoy three exquisite and tasty products, at the same time as healthy ones.

Our special Ruchey Honey pack consists of 6 jars of honey:

2 jars of loquat honey
2 jars of orange blossom honey (orange)
2 jars of lemon honey


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