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Sweet orange jam

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Fresh orange jam jar glass 280 grs.

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Sweet orange jam

The quality of the products of our cooperative allows us to produce exquisite products. Good proof of this is the sweet orange jam of Ruchey, a 100% natural product that has reached the category of gourmet food among the most specialized palates.

Like everything we do in Ruchey, this orange jam is the fruit of the love and passion that we put in all our products. From the moment we select the oranges from the tree, we begin a demanding process that combines tradition and modernity with our personal seal. This does not forget the strict controls to which the derivatives are subjected.

In Ruchey we advocate the elaboration of the marmalades following artisan methods. That's why Ruchey's sweet orange jam contains no additives.

With a slightly tart aftertaste, the sweet orange jam of Ruchey has a soft taste and a lumpy texture, in which you can appreciate the small pieces of oranges with which the cane has been made, an obvious sign of its quality.

The sweet orange jam of Ruchey is sold in a single package of 280 grams.


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