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Pack essencia Ruchey

Ruchey Ruchey



Our essence pack Ruchey is composed of 6 gourmet products

Lemon cream 155 gr
Níspero syrup crystal 370 gr
Lemon Honey 350 gr
Honey of orange 350 gr

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Ruchey Essence Pack

In Ruchey we bet for the quality, but also for the good price. That's why we have prepared an exquisite and detailed selection of our most special products at a price that will surprise you.

Essencia Ruchey contains six gourmet products that will delight the most demanding palates. All are made with natural ingredients of the highest quality coming from our cooperative, where they have been collected with care and care, as only in Ruchey we know how to do things.

From the lemon cream, ideal for baking, to the dried loquat, with which we can enjoy this delicious food all year. Not forgetting our tasty honeys, made with the nectar collected from the lemon and orange blossom.

Essencia Ruchey contains a lot of gourmet products with which you will discover new flavors and you will delight with those you already know.


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