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Fresh avocadoes Ruchey

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Only available in Spain

Avocado Ruchey is a fruit that stands out as an energetic food and very rich in proteins, avocado has vitamins E, A, D, C and vitamins of group B, among its minerals, iron, phosphorus and magnersium.

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Fresh avocadoes Ruchey

Of our aguacateros, the best avocados. In Ruchey we have exceptional fruits of Persea americana, family from which the avocado comes.

In order to always offer a product of superior category, in Ruchey we make the collection paying special attention to the maturation of the fruit, as well as the olive tonality that it must have, and the roughness of its skin, selecting only those specimens that do not present Stains or evidence of excessive ripening.

From Nisperos Ruchey we advocate to offer our consumers products of excellent quality, always fresh. Therefore, the avocados that Ruchey sells are only put on sale during the months of season, which is how much the fruit collection takes place.


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