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Only Available in Spain

In Ruchey we have fresh oranges, both table and juice. Fresh oranges are the ones that are freshly picked from the tree at the time of ordering, so our oranges are natural and retain all the quality and flavor of fresh oranges in season. Product 100% national Spanish.

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Types of Ruchey Fresh Oranges

In Ruchey we are specialists in fresh seasonal fruits, being one of the most in demand orange. Therefore, like the rest of the fresh products we sell, we only offer them from October to April. Since they are not kept in cold storage rooms, our oranges maintain their freshness and taste. You will notice the difference.

In this way, from the beginning of October we commercialize the earliest variety of oranges, Navelina, Navel type or navel, large orange, bright and intense color, with a thick skin easy to peel. The absence of seeds and pulp make it ideal to take it alone, accompanying salads or in juices.

From January until April, in Ruchey we put on sale the Navalete, known as the star of the oranges, rounded citrus whose excess juice, together with its sweet taste, make it the best variety to be enjoyed in juices .


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